From Boy Scout to Eagle Scout: Fulfilling My American Dream

Jame Hong 2014 Eagle Scout
James Hong
2014 Eagle Scout

July, 2014

This journey that I went through has been amazing.  Just being a Boy Scout helped me a lot in life, but pursuing the dream of an Eagle Scout made me realize how important it is to be an Eagle Scout.

As a kid who grew up in a very competitive country, South Korea, I wanted to enjoy the American dream of being free and having your own choice.  I wanted to enjoy the outdoor life,  sports, and the culture of America rather than sitting on your chair studying for your next exam every day.  Boy Scouts has fulfilled my American dream.  Not only did it give me a teaching of outdoor life and American culture, but it gave me leadership and also friendship.  When I first came here, it was only my brother, my dad, and me.  My dad didn’t speak English and my brother was busy with his personal high school life.  When my dad needed help with his bank or insurance, my brother and I had to step up and translate things to my dad.  Even though I didn’t know anything about what they were saying, I kept doing it and I hated it.  Also, as a youngest member of this family, I didn’t get to meet a lot of people since I was shy.  To fix this problem, I needed one thing: leadership, and fortunately, Boy Scouts provided me knowledge of how to be a great leader.  I learned how to talk to people, encourage people, and lead people. I used this knowledge greatly by being a leader in my Student Council club in my high school and in volunteering, where I help the elderly or teach kids how to do something.  There are other places that I used leadership in which helped me a lot.

Being a Boy Scout also taught me how to be a good time manager.  My brother and I started Boy Scouts three and a half years ago, which is not enough time to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.  However, we had that eagerness to go forward and managed our time to finish every requirement and every merit badge that we could to earn the Eagle Scout rank.  Now, my brother is standing high as an Eagle Scout and I am writing this to be an Eagle Scout.  Time management is important throughout your life.  In college, job, and society, time management is important.  Thankfully, Boy Scouts taught me the way of managing my time the most efficient way possible.

My goal of this whole journey was, of course, to be an Eagle Scout.  But, I had another goal that I want to achieve.  I want to teach people about the leadership that I learned to people who needs it.  Being a Boy Scout, or an Eagle Scout, is something that all people should be proud of, and I want to tell other people about leadership and what I learned in Boy Scouts, so more people would be eager to join. This organization is a must for people who want to succeed in life and I am thankful that I joined this wonderful organization.  I currently recruited seven people to join Boy Scouts and they really love it.

I am very happy that I got to this position where I am learning the best skills from the best organization.  I am also happy that I can pursue my dreams of being a doctor by learning leadership.  I am happy to be in this organization and I am happy that I spent my three and a half years with great people and parents.  I am very proud to be a Boy Scout and hopefully, an Eagle Scout as well.

James is a Sophomore at Northern Guilford High School and a member of Troop 107, sponsored by Saint Paul’s Catholic Church in the Guilford District.  He earned the Eagle Rank on August 12, 2014


2 thoughts on “From Boy Scout to Eagle Scout: Fulfilling My American Dream

  1. Well done James,
    I have watched this young man grow up in our Troop, and he and his brother have been very motivated to achieve at Scouts despite busy School lives. James did a sterling job this last year as assistant Senior Patrol Leader, often having to stand in as SPL.

    He will go far in life with this drive.

    Assistant Scout Master Troop 107


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