What BSA Means to Me

Julie New, Scout Parent & ONSC Scout Leader

As my oldest son Hudson gets ready to attend his final Eagle Board with the council for the Veteran’s Memorial he built, I have had time to reflect on our involvement with the Boy Scouts of America. I originally got him involved in scouting to help him learn how to be a responsible young man, as well as to teach him to be a leader in his life. What I didn’t know at the time was how much scouting would mean to our entire family.

I became a leader to be close to my son, who I knew at some point would no longer want to hang out with his Mother! I was a den leader, pack trainer and then Cub Master for over 5 years. We have made friends that we consider family.  Through the Woodbadge program, I saw leaders and staff that really get what scouting is all about, and those that see the importance of passing these skills to our children. This program changed my life for the better as well.

My soon to be Eagle Scout (pending final review) is someone that inspires me daily. He is someone that enjoys leading the younger boys in events such as the Webelo-o-Ree that we attended this weekend. He helps me run all sorts of Cub Scout events and he is becoming the young man that we knew he could be – we are so proud of him.

His younger brother Jesse is about to earn his Arrow of Light and cross over into Boy Scouts. He is so excited that he will be with the older group and that he will be able to go do all the fun things that Hudson gets to do now. Jesse had a blast at summer camp this year and really enjoyed the repelling wall, he didn’t think he could do it – but did! This is another way that scouts helps our families, it helps build the self-confidence of the boys.

I cannot imagine our lives without the Boy Scouts of America, thank you to everyone for all that they do to help us raise our children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Jesse conquering the repelling wall at Summer Camp this summer.
Hudson posing with one of the Veterans visiting the Veteran’s Memorial he built.


Julie New and her son’s Jesse and Hudson are members of Troop 513 sponsored by Flag Springs United Methodist Church in the Uwharrie District.


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