Honor Medal Recipient Jacob McCann

The Old North State Council proudly presents the Honor Medal to Eagle Scout Jacob McCann, Troop 160 sponsored by Centenary United Methodist Church in Greensboro.

While on a family vacation the summer of 2015 in George Town, Bahamas, Jacob and his mother and father were on a guided fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean when the engine on their boat would not start. To their astonishment and dismay they realized the boat was taking on water and the bilge pumps were not working.   It soon became apparent that the boat was going to sink and they were at least a mile from the shore. There were no life preservers to be found on the boat so they gathered whatever gear they thought would help with the swim.   The boat sank, their guides swam off leaving Jacob, his mother and father to fend for themselves.

His mother, not a strong swimmer, swam as much and as long as she could and was getting exhausted. Jacob held on to her and aided her swimming. He himself was physically spent. He got the three of them together in the water and they swam helping one another towards the shore. They were in the water for over 40 minutes when another boat came along and pulled them out of the water.

Jacob’s quick thinking and diligence for his mother proved to be vital. He has the swimming and lifesaving merit badge and was able to use the skills he learned through Scouting to rescue his mother in a life threating situation.

“I am writing you because though Jacob is my son, my baby He is now my Hero and I wanted the Council and his Troop to know what he and his father did. They saved a life. And I for one am so grateful to God and the Boy Scouts of America for preparing both of them for that moment.”
 –Marilyn McCann



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