Boy Scouts of America welcomed my family with open arms! We love Scouting.

Sunday Spotlight photo for 9.24.2017I must admit when I initially thought about my son, Taj, becoming a Boy Scout, I thought it would be a wonderful way for him to bond with his dad and create memories.  That’s what Boy Scouts is about, right?  Boy, was I wrong! Our Troop welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to participate with my husband and son.  Before I knew it, I was learning how to build campfires, tie knots, and more.  We were Scouting together as a family and with our new family- Boy Scouts of America. Taj loves Scouting! He says Scouting provides a brotherhood.  Boys teach and learn from one another, look out for each other, and encourage each other to be their best.  BSA is a family we cherish.

-Tonya Raleigh, proud Old North State Council, BSA mom.

Grow your family through Scouting. Visit and join today!


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